19 12, 2023

Congratulations to our Alumnus Romain Weikmans, elected to the Collegium of the Académie royale de Belgique

2023-12-19T14:25:42+01:0019 December 2023|

On Saturday 16 December, the Académie royale de Belgique hosted the reception ceremony for its new Associate Members and the new Members of its Collegium, including Wiener-Anspach Alumnus Romain Weikmans. Dr Weikmans was recently appointed Associate Professor in Global Environmental Governance at the Université libre de Bruxelles, where he [...]

17 11, 2023

Professor Catherine Barnard (University of Cambridge) is the holder of the 2023-2024 Ganshof van der Meersch Chair

2023-11-17T13:12:41+01:0017 November 2023|

The Fondation Wiener-Anspach is delighted to announce that the holder of the 2023-2024 Ganshof van der Meersch Chair is Catherine Barnard, Professor of EU Law and Employment Law at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Trinity College. Catherine Barnard, FBA, FLSW, FRSA, is the author of EU Employment [...]

8 11, 2023

Workshop “Comparative and World literature through the Lens of Modernist and Translation Studies” (13 and 14 November, Maison française d’Oxford)

2023-11-16T10:58:11+01:008 November 2023|

On 13 and 14 November, the Maison française d'Oxford hosted the workshop “Comparative and World literature through the Lens of Modernist and Translation Studies”, organised as part of the ULB-Oxford collaborative project "When the rural meets the urban: towards a cultural history of modernism in Bohemia, 1898-1925". This project, [...]

31 10, 2023

Monday 6 November at ULB: “A Gendered history of democracy: Men and politics in 20th century Europe”, a lecture by Martin Conway (University of Oxford)

2023-11-16T10:59:36+01:0031 October 2023|

On November 6, three ULB research centers – Atelier Genre(s) et Sexualité(s), Mondes Modernes et Contemporains and the Centre interdisciplinaire d’étude des religions et de la laïcité – welcomed Martin Conway, Professor of Contemporary European History at the University of Oxford. Invited with the support of the Fondation Wiener-Anspach, Professor [...]

10 10, 2023

Congratulations to Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace and Kristin Bartik, elected titular members of the Académie royale de Belgique

2023-10-11T09:38:23+02:0010 October 2023|

On September 30, at a ceremony for the opening of the academic year, the Académie royale de Belgique welcomed fourteen new full members, including Wiener-Anspach Alumnus Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace, Professor of Mathematics at the Université catholique de Louvain and member of the Classe des Sciences. In 2006-2007, after completing his [...]

26 09, 2023

Freshly published by our Fellows: two articles by David Talukder and Edward Lee-Six and an interview with Thomas Legein

2023-10-04T12:35:34+02:0026 September 2023|

Three of our 2022-2023 Postdoctoral Fellows – David Talukder, Edward Lee-Six and Thomas Legein – recently addressed the subject of their research in the journals European Conference on Politics and Gender and Politique. David Talukder (PhD in Political and Social Sciences, ULB) published an article titled "Challenging assumptions: Investigating [...]

20 09, 2023

“Legacies of Anarchism. Interdisciplinary Visions”, a workshop organised at ULB with the support of the Foundation

2023-11-16T11:03:47+01:0020 September 2023|

On 25 and 26 September, the Université libre de Bruxelles hosted the workshop “Legacies of Anarchism. Interdisciplinary Visions”, organised by Petra James, Denis Ioffe and Sybil Raisz (Modernitas, ULB). The event brought together many specialists, several of whom have links with the Fondation Wiener-Anspach: our Fellow Edward Lee-Six, PhD [...]

2 08, 2023

Congratulations to Arthur Péquin and Joseph Salinas, former Wiener-Anspach Doctoral Fellows, on defending their PhD thesis

2023-07-28T12:44:52+02:002 August 2023|

The Foundation extends its warmest congratulations to Arthur Péquin and Joseph Salinas, both recipients of a Wiener-Anspach doctoral fellowship in 2021-2022, who recently defended their PhD thesis. Arthur Péquin and Alessandro Parente (Universitè libre de Bruxelles, 6 July 2023). Arthur Péquin, PhD in Aero-Thermo-Mechanics (ULB), worked under [...]

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