From left: Didier Viviers, Kristin Bartik and Luc Lemaire

The Foundation is run by a Board of Trustees, composed by no less than three and no more than fifteen members. The rector of the ULB is an ex officio member of the board.

  • President: Professor Didier Viviers
  • Vice-President: Professor Luc Lemaire
  • Executive Director: Professor Kristin Bartik.

The Foundation also has a Scientific Board whose President is Professor Luc Lemaire.

The Scientific Board selects the recipients of the grants and fellowships.

Alongside the Executive Director, the members of the Board of Trustees with a high level of financial management competence compose the Finance Committee.

The Executive Board of the Foundation is composed of the President of the Foundation, the President of the Scientific Board and the Executive Director. The Executive Board reviews the applications for the other funding requests.

The Board of Trustees is composed of the following members:

Name Function Profile
Didier Viviers President Permanent Secretary of the Académie royale de Belgique and Professor of History (Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, ULB)
Luc Lemaire Vice-President Emeritus Professor of Mathematics (Faculty of Sciences, ULB)
Annemie Schaus Ex-officio Trustee Rector of the ULB and Professor of Public Law (Faculty of Law and Criminology, ULB)
Kristin Bartik Executive Director Professor of Molecular Engineering (Brussels School of Engineering, ULB)
Graeme Barker Trustee Emeritus Professor of Archaeology (St John’s College, University of Cambridge)
Benoît Daenen Trustee Lecturer (Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, ULB)
Eric De Keuleneer Trustee Economist, Emeritus President of the ULB and Executive Director of the Fondation Universitaire
Michel Goldman Trustee Director of I3Health (Institute for Interdisciplinary Innovation in healthcare), Faculty of Medicine, ULB
Christina Redfield Trustee Professor of Molecular Biophysics (Wolfson College, University of Oxford)
Jean Spreutels Trustee Honorary President of the Constitutional Court of Belgium, Honorary Professor of Criminal Law (Faculty of Law and Criminology, ULB) and Wiener-Anspach Alumnus
Pierre Vaesen Trustee Honorary Ambassador of Belgium and Wiener-Anspach Alumnus
Philippa Watson Trustee Professor of Law at City (University of London) and Barrister at Essex Court Chambers
Fernand Wiener Trustee Consultant and descendant of the Wiener family

The Scientific Board is composed of the following members:

Name Profile
Luc Lemaire President of the Scientific Board. Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences, ULB
Valérie André Professor, Department of Languages and Letters, Faculty of Letters, Translation and Communication, ULB, and F.R.S-FNRS Research Director
Kristin Bartik Professor of Molecular Engineering, Brussels School of Engineering, ULB
Laurent Bavay Professor of Egyptian Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, ULB
Axel Cleeremans Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, ULB, and F.R.S-FNRS Research Director
Pascal Delwit Professor of Political Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, ULB
Pierre Desmarez Professor of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, ULB
Véronique Kruys Professor, Unit of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Sciences, ULB
Isabelle Rorive Professor, Faculty of Law and Criminology and Institute for European Studies, ULB
Philippa Watson Professor of Law at City, University of London, and Barrister at Essex Court Chambers

Administrative Officer

For more information on fellowships and grants, you can contact Violette Cadars:

ULB – Campus du Solbosch – Building P2 – Room P2.2.116
Tel. : +32 {0}2 650 27 16

Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.30 am – 1.30 pm.

Communications and Alumni Officer

Francesca Spinelli can be reached by phone or email:

Tel. : +32 {0}2 650 33 37

Office hours: every day 9.00-13.00 (Friday until 12.00).

Registered office and mailing address

Fondation Wiener – Anspach
Institut d’Etudes européennes de l’Université libre de Bruxelles
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 39 – CP 172
B-1050 Bruxelles