Chair 2009 – 2010

In 2009-2010 the Chair was held by John Bell, Professor of Law at Cambridge University, on the recommendation of Professors Johanne Poirier and Isabelle Rorive from the Faculty of Law, ULB. The subject of the course was: “European Legal Culture(s)? Convergence and Persistent Diversity.”

The opening lecture, delivered on November, 9 2009, was entitled: “Compensation for Asbestos, Crashing Cars, Dangerous Medical Treatment or Wrongful Births: Legal Diversity is here to stay!”.

The other lectures were scheduled as follows:

  • 10 November:
    Civil law and common law: convergences and differences between two legal cultures
  • 10 November:
    Medical responsibility in comparative law, including for wrongful birth
  • 26 November:
    The role of the judge in the evolution of present-day Common law
  • 26 November:
    Comparative law methodology
  • 27 November:
    Jurists of the Civil Law tradition grappling with Common law sources
  • 30 November:
    Civil responsibility vs Torts: do conceptual differences have practical implications?