It is a happy coincidence that two former Wiener-Anspach Fellows – who left Brussels to study in Cambridge in the same year and ended up working there – are featured in two recently published articles.

In 2009-2010 Camille Terfve was granted a Wiener-Anspach postgraduate fellowship to complete an MPhil in Computational Biology at Cambridge University. Interviewed by G square, Brussels School of Engineering’s magazine, she recalls: “I never stopped studying, even when I got my first job. After completing a PhD in Bioinformatics at Cambridge University in 2014, I started in London as a patent agent at the law firm Keltie LLP During those first years, I was a trainee, a bit like a lawyer, facing annual exams!”

Today Camille is a partner at Mewburn Ellis LLP in Cambridge. To read the rest of the article, visit the website of G square, where the new issue will soon be available.

@Jacqueline Garget

Amélie Deblauwe‘s name may ring a bell: she is the author of the beautiful photograph of New Court, St John’s College, illustrating the cover of our 2018 Activity Report.

A photographer by trade and by passion, Amélie moved to Cambridge in the same year as Camille, 2009, to complete an MPhil in Egyptology. Today she is Senior Digitisation Technician at the University of Cambridge, where she photographs and digitises ancient texts.

For the series “This Cambridge Life”, she recently shared the story of her passion for ancient Egypt and photography, as well as her painful experience through cancer. The article can be found here.