On 4 May 2018, prior to the Reception at the Belgian Embassy in London, a group of Alumni visited the Treasures Gallery at the British Library.

The fascinating visit was conducted by Alumna Alison Hudson. Many thanks to Alison for her guidance and allowing us access to her extensive knowledge for the day. You could spend a whole afternoon on a single exhibit!

Alison completed her doctorate at the University of Oxford in 2014 and was a FWA Postdoctoral Fellow in 2014-2015 for a research project at the Université libre de Bruxelles entitled ‘The Social and Political Implications of Saintly Property Ownership in Northwestern Europe, 900-1040’.

She is currently a project curator at the British Library, working on the major exhibition on the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms that will be on display at the British Library between 19 October 2018 and 19 February 2019. This exhibition will be the largest exhibition ever of books made and owned in early England. As such, it will highlight the longstanding connections between the British Isles and the wider world, especially the Low Countries.