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In 2020/2021 Ahmed Hamila, PhD in Political Science (ULB/Université de Montreal), was granted a Wiener-Anspach postdoctoral fellowship to undertake a research project entitled “The construction of a New Space of Collective Action: Mobilisations in favour of LGBT Refugees in the UK”, under the supervision of Dr Véronique Mottier (Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge).

3006, 2022

A month rich in academic appointments for the Wiener-Anspach Foundation’s Alumni

We were delighted to learn that in June several Wiener-Anspach Alumni were appointed to the following academic positions. Six of them have obtained a FNRS Postdoctoral Researcher Fellowship: David Bauman (PhD in Biology and 2018-2020 Postodoctoral Fellow in Oxford) with a project entitled “Tropical tree growth sensitivity to climate and neighbourhood [...]

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