Chair 2005 – 2006

In 2005-2006 the Chair was held by Martin Conway, Fellow and Tutor in Modern History, Balliol College, and CUF Lecturer, Faculty of Modern History, University of Oxford.

The subject of the course was “Europe’s Democratic Age 1945 – 73: An exploration of a world that has disappeared”. The opening lecture, delivered on March 6, 2006, was entitled: “Western Europe’s Democratic Age 1945 – 1973: The Strange Case of Belgium”.

The other lectures were scheduled as follows:

  • The Making of Politics in a New Key
  • A lost culture. Being Western in the post-war era
  • Social continuities
  • Rescue or Reprieve of the Nation-State?
  • What changed? Understanding the European Political crisis of 1970s
  • Post-War or New Peace? Making sense of Europe’s Democratic Age