ACME addresses fundamental questions in the fields of ultracold chemistry and chemical bonding. It faces challenges in astro and atmospheric chemistry.

We shall draw together the study of the ammonia dimer (NH3)2 and the study of low-energy collisions of two ammonia molecules NH3 + NH3, as well as of NH3-rare gas van der Waals complexes. Complementary, sophisticated spectroscopic measurements will be made in the two laboratories, which can be related to common potential energy surfaces. They will be merged together in Brussels using computer codes applying time-dependent quantum theory.

The ULB computer codes will also help other results from Oxford to be interpreted, thus addressing different species. Transfer of technology know-how will be active, in both directions.


  • Michel Herman et Nathalie Vaeck, Service de Chimie quantique et Photophysique, ULB
  • Tim Softley, Softley Research Group, Université d’Oxford